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Sinclair research

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Hello, everyone

While snooping around Victoria Co., Ontario, I found a book called "They came to Mara" (which is a Township in the area).  In it, I found this obituary:

At South Falls, Muskoka, April 9th, 1889, Thomas Sinclair, aged 61, an old resident of Mara.

Then this little writeup: zz' Another of the pioneers of Mara has passed away in the person of Thomas Sinclair, who has resided in this township for upwards of thirty years.  Mr. Sinclair was not in very good healh in the early part of last winter so he went to stay with his brother in Muskoka for a short time, but he gradually became worse ...(gory details)... He sank very rapidly until death ended his sufferings.  His brother removed his body to Fair Valley, to be buried
beside his father and mother."  April 19, 1889

A short while ago, I remember someone in the group wrote in asking about relatives in the Huntsville area (which is in Muskoka).  If you are still with us, and want more information on this branch, please let me know, and I'll try
to find more on them.

Clan Sinclair Assoc. of Canada summer newsletter just arrived.  It lists a lot
of plans for the Prince Henry Celebrations on July 13 and 14 in Nova Scotia.  I
hope that someone will report on it, for those of us who can't go.  

Also, it lists several new Sinclair tartan products for sale like mousepads, placemats, note cards, etc.  If anyone is interested, please contact Secretary/Treasurer  Rory Sinclair, 133 Major st. Toronto M5S 2K9  Tel (416)966-1523, fax 966-1587.  If you have trouble getting in touch with him,
it might be because he is in Nova Scotia.  By the way, he's a great piper, and
has recorded an audio cassette, which is really good, if you like the pipes.

That's all for now,

Toni S.
(Sinclairs of Islay, Argyll, and Victoria Co., Ontario)

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