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Re: Tracing Others

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George Sinkler was born in 1750 in Prince William County, VA. He went to
Columbiana County, OH with his family and started a whole new branch of the
family. They were of the Quaker faith in Ohio.

This is where things get really difficult. There were three other George
Sinclairs in Ohio at that time and lived quite close. There was a George who
went to Butler County, OH; there was a George in Wood County, OH; and a George
in Muskingum County, OH. The George in Butler County has ties back to John of
Exeter, from information available. This really thrrew me off and for a long
time I thought I was a descendent of John. Pete Cummings came through and put
me on the right track.

Our "Southern branch" didn't get into the Kentucky area until the middle
Don't think your James is part of this line.
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