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RE: new to the list

Dear Fiona,
I too descend from John of Exeter through his son, John Sinkler Jr, b. c. 1668 Exeter.  Then Samuel, Richard, John, Joshua, John W., Lettie, Marvin, Eleanor, and myself, Laurel.  So I am 11th generation also.
The page you describe is from the book, The History of the Sinclair Family in Europe and America, by Leonard Allison Morrison. pub 1896.  I have a copy of it.  And on page 65 it does say "Chapter VI.  John Sinkler of Exeter, N.H., and his descendants."
Let me know whether you get this.  Sometimes my messages don't get through.
Laurel, Portland, OR

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Hello. I am new to the list, though I have been lurking for a while. My
Sinclair path seems fairly straightforward in the New World: John Sinkler of
Exeter, NH; James; Joseph; Thomas; James; James Jr.; James Julius; George
Arthur; George Howe; and my father, William -- thus my brother and I are the
11th generation here. 

I am looking for a few pieces of information, if anyone can help. I have read
what I can find on the net about John Sinkler and wonder whether anyone has
additional clues about where in Scotland he might have been born or lived. I
also have a very tattered xerox copy of a pages of a book that I would like to
identify -- it was found with my uncle's papers when he died, but I have no
way of identifying the book. Chapter VI  (page 65) is entitled "John Sinkler
of Exeter, N.H. and His Descendents." 

thanks,  Fiona St.Clair
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