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Re: Caithness families - Nicolson connections

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Douglas Nicholson,

In a note to this mailing list you wrote:

>P.S. Have been trying to connect to
>but aol do not seem to be able to do this for me.  Is this the
correct address

I maintain the web site that you are referring to and this is
the wrong URL. It _looks_ correct but you have used an
alphabetical "l" instead of numeric "l" in the address. It
should be "pas1" with the number "1", not the letter "l" -
impossible to distinguish them though! So that accounts for the
problem you are having. Just for this reason I changed domain
names and you can use the following URL:


I have been out of the country until yesterday and just saw your
note so I thought I would correct that URL for you in case you
are still interested in looking at that particular page.

Best regards,
Paul Sinclair

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