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Dear Laurie Sinclair;
It's nice to see you join the Sinclair list. Your history is very interesting.
You are fortunate to be able to trace your ancestors back into Scotland. I
have been trying to track my "Sinclair Immigrants" for years with limited

Two areas caught my interest in your notes. I hope you can help me by
discussing some of my past that has a commonality with yours. Please
understand all my comments are in good faith and I am not challenging your
data. Some people are very sensitive about these things.

I track four lines of "Sinclairs":
	Sinclair-St Clair- Sancto-Clara Nobility lines back to Rollo
	Sinclair Immigrants to America
	My Family ex  Kilmartin Settlement (Glencoe, Ontario)
	All Kilmartin Pioneers (1826-1855)

Originally I picked up the nobility lines at a Scottish Festival in the Bay
area of Northern California. One of the "hosts" Gary Sinclair was both helpful
and friendly. Another interesting Sinclair relation is Pete Cummings who is
Clan Genealogist for Clan Sinclair-North America.

One of the few noble Sinclair families who I have recorded as immigrating to
Canada is one William Sinclair born about 1740 to Sir James Sinclair and
Margaret Sinclair of Barrock and married to Elizabeth Sinclair of Dun.  He was
the uncle of the 12th Earl of Caithness -Sir James Sinclair of Mey (abt
1765-1823). this 12 Earl's eldest son John, Lord Sinclair of Berriedale, and
his second son Alexander(1790-1855) being the 13th Earl of Caithness. Is this
William the one in your family?  Did he come to America with his son Alexander
in 1816? Who are Alexander's brothers? Your comment as to their having come to
Nova Scotia is interesting in that one possibility is my Richard, born 1827
may have initially come there also.

I am somewhat confused as to your mention of the 16th & 17th Earls. It
interests me in your comment about James, 13th Earl(born 1827?) dying in New
York in 1881. The original pioneers of the "Kilmartin Settlement" (Glencoe)
supposedly landed in New York(1812-1819), moved across the state to Caledonia
Ny before moving on to Alderborough Township Ont and then Glencoe area. One
Archibald Sinclair was the first settler in 1826.  Now most of the people into
this settlement were from northern Kintyre, Argyll in small parishes around
Lochgilphead. Interestingly, someone else in the discussion list has mentioned
that there were Sinclair's in Argyll until late 1700's having moved down from

This is a pile of info; let me recap my questions:
Can you provide details of dates and ship that 16th Earl came to New York?
Do you have any knowledge of Kilmartin-Alderborough-Caledonia Ny settlers?
So you know the names of other children of William(1721) & whether they came
to America?
Who are the other children of Alexander (1816) into Goshen NS?

Glad to see you online. If you have any info fine; if not fine too. It's quite
something to be part of our namesake and their large history!

Regards, Yours Aye!
Cdnhound@aol.com (Rick Sinclair)

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