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Re: Research

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Dear, oh dear!  Where to start?

Rick, I believe I sent you a list of Sinclairs that I have accumulated,  who 
eventually settled in Middlesex County, Ontario.  If it wasn't you, please let
me know, and I'll retype it.    However, from the previous conversation with Laurie (Hi, Laurie, and welcome!), I can add:

William Sinclair, to St. John, New Brunswick before 1817.  Went to New York, and then to Ontario, farmer, wife and 7 children with him. (This is from Donald Whyte's Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before Confederation - which is JULY 1st, 1887.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!)

 Is this the William you two are talking about?  I had him filed under N.B., instead of Middlesex Co. because my Ontario Sinclairs are filed by county, when
I know for sure where they settled.

Also, under N.B.:

Thomas Sinclair, from Assynt or Eddrachillis, Sutherland to Boston on the Fortitude, arrived 16 Aug. 1803, settled South Ridge, Charlotte Co. N>B> 1804.  formerly of the Reay Fencible Regiment, children include  William and Alexander.  

Coincidence of names?  Also, does anyone know much about this Regiment?  There were other Sinclairs who belonged to it.  Perhaps another source of info.

Rick - you mentioned Aldeborough Township.  Is that in Middlesex County as well?
I have some Aldeborough Sinclairs filed under "Unknown", because I don't know where it is.

Everyone - who knows where "Talbot District" is? ( presumably in Ontario).  I also have several Sinclairs settling there, but its a mystery to me.  There is a Talbot Royale (lovely name), in Middlesex County, and a Talbot River (which is
part of the Trent Waterway System), in Victoria County, which is where our Sinclairs are from.  There may be other places with that name, since I believe
Talbot  was a surveyor in Ontario, during the opening up of the frontier.

I just spent a couple of days in Victoria County trying to find my elusive Neil
and Archibald Sinclair.  I got a little farther, but I found some other interesting info. which I'll share with you.  Later. Time to put on the BQ and
light some fireworks.  Happy Canada Day, you lucky Canadian Sinclairs! And have a nice day, to you wannabees!

Toni S.

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