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Admiral SINCLAIR and his fortune

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 Do you know of an Admiral Donald SINCLAIR  born in Watten,Caithness,Scotland
on 22 May 1737 to Margaret CLACHER who later married Alexander CALDER? I
descend from their daughter, Isobel Calder who married Robert Campbell or
McIver in 1774 in Watten. The National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, London
say they have no record of such an Admiral Sinclair in the British Navy - has
been suggested that he could have been in the Imperial Russian Navy or indeed
anywhere else in the World. Our family hearsay was that he left a fortune
disputed by so many claimants that lawyers ended up with nearly all of it!! I
believe my great-uncle (Sir Josiah SYMON who was once Attorney-General of
Australia) tried early this century to find out more. As our relationship is
only through a half-sister of the illegitimate Admiral it is not a vital
search but the hearsay has always intrigued me - and someone, I hope, may know
all about him. If so, do please tell me.
dlnbn@aol.com(Douglas Nicholson) 
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