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To John & Wendy:

I got a great kick out of the following quote from John.

  I agree with what your saying,but when are ancesters
       were first just a clan, religion was very important
       and you all pretty well had to be in one sect,now
       that the sinclairs [St.Clair's,etc] are dispersed
       all over the world,we are not obliged to be classed
       under one religion,as long as we remember that
       Dog spelled backwards is still man's best friend
                          distant cousin i'm sure
                          John W.Sinclair

I am still interested in the Sinclair Motto and the derivations of clan mottos. "Commit Thy Work to God." where did it come from and how early is it dated. Anyone know?

Wendy you will find Sinclairs currently under every stripe of religion, but the above motto goes a long way in crossing over various denomincations with purpose and meaning that most all can subscribe to.

Neil Sinclair