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Re: Take you up on your offer, Hound

Dear Richard;
The sharing of early Sinclair history is of interest to many of us and your history needs some clarification because many of our subscribers have not researched this period and do not know what is available. The full genealogical research for this period is (for the first time) in the book I have described below. The name Sinclair - in Latin "sancto claros" holy vision, refers to the  place name originally and was not adopted by Rollo but his descendants much later when it became popular to name families coming from a location to distinguish them.. Hence St Claire, Saint Clair and other spellings were the original name from which Sinclair derived.
Caithness was not to my knowledge the first destination of the Sinclairs in England or Scotland but rather Lowthian (sp?) which is south of Edinburgh. It took until Henry's period for the acquiring of an Earldom from Norway. Much of Scotland was under Norman control until well after 1300.  The irony may lie in that Rollo and the "More" family had some connection with these lands several hundred years earlier. For further interesting reading I refer to;
The Sword and the Grail by Andrew Sinclair Crown Press New York 1992. (this is a good book on the French period of Sinclair history.
and the early line chart is in;
Bloodline of the Holy Grail Laurence Gardner Element Press, London 1996 p.427.
Both are good reading with extensive research and bibliographies.
There is also some material relating to the arrival of the Sinclairs with William the Conqueror in 1966 which I am attempting to verify, but it is safe to state that Sinclairs were at the Battle of Hastings.
Neil Sinclair
descendant from Argyll Scotland
Toronto Canada.

Richard Lower wrote:

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Cdn Hound, thank you for your kind words.  I am interested in my Sinclairs,
and will keep seeking.  I recognize this net has increasing value if other
seekers will use it.  I tried to register, but couldn't be sure that I was
put on the list.  I am getting E-mails addressed to sinclair@zilker.net, so
something good happened.

I just responded to Paul and Key Lister on the subject of Sinclair
Relationship, and hope we can be of help to one another.  I am of course
open to any resource which throws light on the period 800 a.d. through the
1500's.  So far I have a lot of interesting speculation on the movement from
Rollo becoming "de Sancto Claro" to descendants of his deciding to try
Caithness as a new home, to the modern Sinclairs in Edinburgh.  Meanwhile,
there were spin-offs in every generation between, and that leads to some
mind-boggling, at the least.  Meantime. enjoy - live long and prosper!

Richard Ray Lower (call him "Ray")

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