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Take you up on your offer, Hound

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Cdn Hound, thank you for your kind words.  I am interested in my Sinclairs,
and will keep seeking.  I recognize this net has increasing value if other
seekers will use it.  I tried to register, but couldn't be sure that I was
put on the list.  I am getting E-mails addressed to sinclair@zilker.net, so
something good happened.

I just responded to Paul and Key Lister on the subject of Sinclair
Relationship, and hope we can be of help to one another.  I am of course
open to any resource which throws light on the period 800 a.d. through the
1500's.  So far I have a lot of interesting speculation on the movement from
Rollo becoming "de Sancto Claro" to descendants of his deciding to try
Caithness as a new home, to the modern Sinclairs in Edinburgh.  Meanwhile,
there were spin-offs in every generation between, and that leads to some
mind-boggling, at the least.  Meantime. enjoy - live long and prosper!

Richard Ray Lower (call him "Ray")

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