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Re: response & insights to 600 th anniv

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Dear Bill;
As one of the lay historians around, I would respond for the
collective group as follows.
What happened? Yes the Expedition returned to Scotland where
shortly afterward Henry Sinclair was killed in the Orkneys
defending an English raid.
Did they intermarry with the Indians? There is no evidence
as to this. Records with aboriginal natives as well as the
Scots of the period were not kept. The expedition was not
designed as a permanent settlement however this is subject
to further study in the "Castle" and there is at least one
author that has maintained that a settlement was intended to
be somewhat permanent.
How come you never heard about this before. A great deal of
history and archeology is still being developed and studied
and understood. Hence a need for new students in both
disciplines. The viking settlements were a study of
mythology and oral traditions until recently post `1950'
when archeological studies have played a significant part in
Newfoundland and Greenland to further appreciate the
settlements and confirm that oral traditions and bards were
indeed accurate over 1000 years. Frederick Pohl was the
first primary historian (American) to write about the
expedition in 1960's. The Zeno diaries have been
controversial and known about since 1600.
Is it just a rumor? History is seldom the subject matter of
rumors. However, I wonder that the study of history was
entirely through all the movies of Hollywood I feel that it
leaves anyone wondering as to the importance of any factual
material or academic research. By the time a story comes to
screen, most history no matter how absurd is based on a
kernel of truth. The voyages of Columbus fall into this
category. If we take the Hollywood version we would shudder
as to the reinvention of history. It is difficult separating
facts and mythology but it is done. There are sufficient
facts, circumstantial and direct to support the voyage as a
factual part of history.

The voyage has not been the subject matter of rumor although
not without controversy such as early english historians
describing Henry as discovering Greenland (which he clearly
did not do, being some 500 years late). It was the subject
matter of verbal and written history in Europe.
The reason you never heard about it before depends on your
location. If you are in North America you are privy to what
is taught and written about. Our school systems are very
poor at teaching historical study and much of what we learn
about Canadian and US History is coming through the media
which may or may not be accurate. Even historical text books
are poor in both systems.
Is there evidence? I am of the view that there is a growing
collection of strong evidence that can not be overlooked and
supports the history of the voyage. With the current focus I
am hopeful that much more will be learned in the years to
You may be aware of the Orkney symposium in 1997 which is
well outlined on the Henry Sinclair web site and worth the
read. Again Peter Cummings has been a significant
contributor to out knowledge which through the internet
grows and spreads faster that at any period in the history
of the world.
I encourage you and other members of the Clan to study about
those significant Sinclair ancestors that made their mark in
a small way on history and their world. Looking at the email
list I am encouraged that the contribution of "Sinclairs"
remains strong to this day.
Neil Sinclair

BillSincl wrote:

> So what happened? Did they ever go home? Did they
> intermarry with the indians?
> How come we never heard about this before? Is it just a
> rumor?
> Is there any evidence of the visit?

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