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RE: 600 th anniv. of Prince Henry's visit

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Hi Bill, I did not see a reply to your questions so I decided to write.
If they have been addressed and I simply missed them, please forgive the

There is circumstantial evidence concerning the voyage.  However, it all
seems to point to the fact that "yes, they arrived in the New World".  I
see no concrete proof that they came into what is now the United States.
Everyone points to the Gunn Knight Effigy in Westford, MA. However,
there is no proof that it was carved during the 14th century.  Also, the
highly stylized "corn" and "cacti" carved into Rosslyn Chapel are not
concrete proof either. Though, this is stronger evidence. (Corn was
grown prehistorically, and MA is the northern most limits for Prickly
Pear Cactus).  Supposedly, documents have been used as the basis of  the
original work but none of these are referenced. Someone needs to
complete proper research and document it. References and footnotes are a
big help in supporting an argument.  They would certainly help me to
believe that the Sinclairs and Gunn actually made it into the US.  It
certainly looks like they did and I would truly like to see this
documented.  It is suggested that Columbus had a copy of the Zeno map.
This would change history.  However, until it is documented in a
scientific manner, it will not be believed.

As to staying here, marrying Indians, etc.  They probably went home (we
know at least some returned to Scotland), they probably did interbreed
with the Indians (if not form families), and probably had a lasting
effect on the cultures they encountered.  This pattern has been repeated
every time one culture encounters another.  Historically, the Scottish
traders in the New World often had Indian wives as well as
White/European wives.  This practice facilitated trading and general
good will among the two groups.

Hope this helps orient you to the problem.  DTR

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> So what happened? Did they ever go home? Did they intermarry with the
> indians?
> How come we never heard about this before? Is it just a rumor?
> Is there any evidence of the visit?
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