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Re: hello

on 20 May 98, sinclair@zilker.net wrote...

>Greetings and welcome. You will find that the list is quiet
>for a spell and then it will hum with activity and then get
>quiet for a spell. A couple of tidbits of advice. As many
>here are searching for relations ancestors and the like, it
>is very helpful to describe a bit of who you are and where
>you are from. Hence I sign Toronto, and from Argyll allowing
>anyone in the net to appreciate that I am located in Toronto
>and my ancestors come from Argyll. On this net you will
>discover information in the weirdest ways. I have met a
>cousin in New Mexico, I have met others searching Argyll,
>and are spotting migrations to North Carolina, PEI and
>Ontario and am helping one Sinclair search for ancestors in
>London Ontario. Then there is a lot of fun Sinclair heritage
>and history which is always fun. So do stay tuned, and what
>you put in to it, you get out, which is like most of life.
>Neil Sinclair Toronto
>Glendaruel-Argyll Scotland.


Born in Glasgow way back when. My family comes from the Doune / Callander area.
Live now in Wiltshire England in the midst of the Auld Enemy, but I like it
here. Weather is better and the folk are friendly. I am an engraver (By Hand in
the old way) and I make sundials for fun and whatever.... We dont get too much
sun here though.  Not much more to tell....Bill...U.K.