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Hello all again

Hi to all Sinclairs and those close to us.

I posted a message a month or two ago to see if I shared common lines with
anyone. I've gotten no responses to that yet, but I thought I'd give it
another try. 
I know that my great x2 grandfather John Sinclair came to northern Maine by
jumping from a ship and swimming up the St. John river in 1815. He was a
seaman impressed into the Royal Navy in Inverness.
The family remained in that area until my father's generation all went out to
see the world. 
My grand parents were John Roy Sinclair and Deliah Sara Savage (both b. 1891)
in St. Francis ME. Their children were Donald, John, Hollis, Robert, Duncan
(my father) Bernice, May, Nina and Patricia (married names for daughters being
MacGuire, Johnson, Henderson and Estes respectively. From my aunts and uncles
and my parents there were many offspring, so we are spread far and wide these

If any of this strikes a chord somewhere, do let me know.

Also my wife and I are expecting a daughter in early September. She will be
called Katherine MacLaughlin Sinclair. Isn't it great making new little

Mark Robert Sinclair