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Re: Scotland Calls

Dear Lar Sinclair

Scotland called my son (11 yrs old) and I last November.  We spent 2 weeks
in Scotland and 1 week in England.  We purchased BritRail tickets since we
were covering a great deal of territory.  We stayed in B&B's everywhere
except in Stirling, Scotland.  In Stirling we stayed at a wonderful Hostel.
 We travelled with backbacks as our only luggage.  We also had the
marvelous pleasure of finding and meeting living SINCLAIR relatives in

For airfares...check around with plenty of travel agents and ticket
consolidators.  Depending on how long you plan on staying there (that will
determine tkt price a great deal) you can find some amazingly low prices.

If you plan on doing a lot of travelling consider purchasing a BritRail
Pass.  They come in different travel plans..ie.  allowing a certain number
of travel days in a certain period of time, etc.  Rick Steves is a travel
guru of sorts (www.ricksteves.com).  He is very knowledgeable about rail
passes, airline travel, etc.  Go Britain or Berkley's Travel Guides are
designed for the college student, but many people of all ages are finding
the information on travelling inexpensively valuable.

Hostels are the least expensive method for the most part of accomodations. 
You can purchase Hostel memberships before you depart for Britain.  The
last time I checked the cost for an individual, age 18-54 was $25.00USD. 
If you are over 54, $15.00USD.

Bed & Breakfasts can also be good buys, but you must check each one out
(sometimes they forget the breakfast! <grin>)

I hope that this gives you a little help.  We had a wonderful time and hope
to go back again.  I hope that your trip comes about and you enjoy
yourself.  I'm sure that many people will be able to give you excellent

Best wishes,

Andrea Ferguson Wilson
Sugartown, Louisiana USA
> Dear Cousins-
> At fifty I find myself amazingly free of encumbrances and spirit. I am
> considering spending an extended time in our ancestral country. A part of
> wants to simply get on a plane and go. But what small amount of common
sense I
> possess tells me to make contacts first re: work opportunities, lodging
> such.
> My grandfather told us of his Scotland and I have always shared his dream
> return there someday. Any and all opinions pro and con on such a
> adventure will be welcomed. I wish you all peace and wellness.
> Lar Sinclair III (Ontario > NJ )