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FYI: An ancestral Sinclair route via Canadian maritime entry has been 
 documented in a book titled "The Sinclairs of Roslin, Caithness, and
Goshen" by The Rev A Maclean Sinclair of Charlottetown, PEI, snd was
published by the Examiner Publishing Company in 1901. There was a 1983
Re-issue, and a subsequent 1997 re-issue. Further copies were to be made
available to Clan Sinclair Members through Roslin O' Roslin (news) at
Clan gatherings, or by mail to:

  Rory A. P. Sinclair
  Secretary, Clan Sinclair Association of Canada
  133 Major Street
  TORONTO, Ontario
  M5S 2K9

Last noted price on file was $12, but considering postage and handling
costs,etc., you might consider a token extra to be included all of
which to be payable to "Clan Sinclair Asssociation of Canada"   

NB: My Sinclairs arrived in Canada not via NB, NS or PEI; but from
    Caithness to Ontario in 1840s and also as members of the 93rd HR
in     the 1840s-1850s. Descendants are currently in: ALTA, BC, NWT,
ON,     NWT, and in the US: CA, FLA and WA.        

Margaret Rintoul/Neil Sinclair wrote:
> Dear Randy;
> It is always good to start from what you have. There are a number of
> Sinclairs that populate New Brunswick and you may notice a pattern or
> overlaps which would surprise you. I do not have any direct
> information for you, but it is interesting when we assume that there
> is no connection, there later turns out to be a direct connection. I
> was shocked to learn I had a cousin that lived just around the corner
> by this simple slewthing. Good luck.
> If you come across a band of Sinclairs in New Brunswick descended from
> Edward Sinclair from PEI before 1900 I would be interested. Good
> Hunting!
> Neil Sinclair
> Randy Sinclair wrote:
>       My name is Randolph Russell Sinclair and this is my first
>      attempt at family ancestry research. I am looking for any
>      background information on Sinclairs that settled in New
>      Brunswick. My family does not keep in contact and I am doing
>      my own research. My grandfather name was William J. Sinclair
>      who married Scotland born Aldyth MacLeroy and settled in
>      Saint John, New Brunswick. My family grew up in Rothesay,
>      New Brunswick and I only know of a few relatives in the area
>      and have no information on long distance siblings. I would
>      appreciate any suggestions.Thanks.