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Hello Randy,

Although our branch of the Sinclairs came directly to Ontario, instead of New Brunswick, I have found these entries in the two volumes of Donald Whyte's
"A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before Confederation".  They are
not in any particular order, but I hope you will be able to use these to trace your ancestors.

SINCLAIR, Christian, b. Nov 1834, From Kilmory parish, Isle of Arran.  Daughter of John S. and Margaret McBride. To Dundee, Restigouche Co. NB. ca 1863.  Wife of David MacGarvie

SINCLAIR, Isabella, b. 17 July, 1786.  From Assynt or Eddrachillis, Sutherland.  d/o Thomas S.  To Boston, Ma. on the Fortitude, arr. 16 Aug. 1803.  settled S. Ridge, Charlotte, NB married James Mackenzie

SINCLAIR, Mary, 1816-ca 1860 from Kilmory par. etc., d/o J.S. and MM. to Dundee, et. and died there, married Thomas Picken

SINCLAIR, Wm. to St. John NB <1817.  Went to New York, then to Ontario.  farmer.  Wife and 7 children with him.

SINCLAIR, Mary, b. 8 May 1788.  From Glasgow. d/o John S. and Susanna Fleckfield.  to Quebec ca 1811; moved ca 1820 to Restigouche Co. NB.  wife of Angus McLean.

SINCLAIR, JANET. 1819-63.  from Auchareuch, Kilmory par., etc. to Restiguouche, NB ca 1855; settled Dundee.  wife of Wm Wright 1825-93, from Ireland, by whom she had children.

SINCLAIR, Thomas, from Assynt or Eddrachillis, Sutherland to Boston, Ma, on the Fortitude, arrived 16 Aug. 1803; settled South Ridge, Charlotte Co. NB 1804.  formerly of the Reay Fencible Regiment, children include: 1. William,2,Alexander

I'm sure this won't be a complete list, but don't be discouraged.  Many of us have been researching for years, and still don't have all of the ancestors we are looking for.  Sometimes you think you are trying to put round people in square holes, because the dates don't work out just right.

There are possibly other Sinclairs on zilker.net researching New Brunswick.  Did you check out the Sinclair Guestbook?  It's a lot of reading, but worthwhile.

Best of luck!

Toni S. (Ontario)