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Re: Alexander Sinkler

Hi My name is Steve St.Clair
My Fathers name is William S. St.Clair JR
His Fathers name is William S.St.Clair
Any thing you can tell me?

SkinnyGinn wrote:

> Dallas, I also descend from Alexander Sinkler, Wayman Sinkler, then my line
> branches off thru Robert, Sr and Robert St Clair Jr,  William S. St Clair,
> William Patteson St Clair,  Charles Warren St Clair and Vivian Mae St Clair
> (my mother).  I hope all of you will include me in your list of cousins as my
> mother's side of the family was really proud of the St Clairs.  I have been
> working on the family history for a year (this month).  I have found many
> wonderful and helpful friends and many "long lost cousins" both first and
> further down the line.  One of my 1st cousins had been looking for her family
> for over 5 years when I finally found her. They had moved to CA as young
> children and married and I was about to give up when Jean Grigsby brought us
> together.
> Now as for Alexander Sinkler, do you happen to know who his parents were or
> his wife's first name?  Maybe as we join forces we can get answers to these
> questions.  Ginny Davis