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Re: Alexander Sinkler

Dallas, I also descend from Alexander Sinkler, Wayman Sinkler, then my line
branches off thru Robert, Sr and Robert St Clair Jr,  William S. St Clair,
William Patteson St Clair,  Charles Warren St Clair and Vivian Mae St Clair
(my mother).  I hope all of you will include me in your list of cousins as my
mother's side of the family was really proud of the St Clairs.  I have been
working on the family history for a year (this month).  I have found many
wonderful and helpful friends and many "long lost cousins" both first and
further down the line.  One of my 1st cousins had been looking for her family
for over 5 years when I finally found her. They had moved to CA as young
children and married and I was about to give up when Jean Grigsby brought us
Now as for Alexander Sinkler, do you happen to know who his parents were or
his wife's first name?  Maybe as we join forces we can get answers to these
questions.  Ginny Davis