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Re: Sinclair/St.Clair/Sinkler

Hi Ginny - it's been a while.  My info says that Annie Laura Sinclair who was
a daughter of Wayman and Mary Elizabeth Sinclair  (Wayman was brother of my
ancestor Philip Hamilton Sinclair in her "Memories" said the following "Our
name was spelled Sinclair. There was some scandal of the oil Sinclair and
Mother didn't approve of it and that was one thing that caused the children to
change their name.  They were teased in school and Mr. E.L. Hill said that St.
Clair meant the same thing and he thought it was a prettier name anyhow and
why didn't they spell it that way?  So from that day on, there were four of
the boys who always spelled their name that way, but Gordon stayed with the
original spelling."

Hope this helps some of the "cousins".


Wanda Sinclair Harness