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Another Gathering

Toni's announcement here of the Toronto gathering reminded me that on that
same weekend (Feb 21-22), Scottish Weekend 1998 is happening in Moultrie,
Georgia.  Clan Sinclair will be among the honored clans, and the program
includes presentations on such important Sinclair family topics as the
Prince Henry Celebration Project (by Pete Cummings) and Rosslyn Chapel.  If
you want more information, go to
http://www.teleport.com/~binder/ftcliff.htm or call (912)985-6540, which is
the phone number of the Odom Library in Moultrie.  This sounds to me like
one wonderful opportunity.  This will be my first visit to Odom Library,
but I hear that they have a great collection of clan records, including the
Sinclairs.  Maybe see you there? 

Dave Gaskill

> From: Antonia Sinclair <asflwr@icom.ca>
> To: sinclair@zilker.net
> Subject: Re: Old Picture
> Date: Friday, January 16, 1998 6:10 AM
> >Hi all:  I'm dying to see this photo, but it doesn't appear here.  Could
it be  because I have a MacIntosh?  If you have an answer, please try to
keep it simple
> to match my knowledge (almost zilch!)    
> For those of you interested in the Clan Sinclair Assoc. gathering in
Toronto, Canada on February 22, the Secretary is:  Rory Sinclair, 133 Major
St., Toronto
> M5S 2K9  Tel (416)966-1523,  Fax (416)966-1587 (He's not on line yet, but
I'm working on that!)
> I hope I'll meet some of you there!
> Toni S.