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Re: Sinclair links

Hello cousin? Can you please let me know location of Feb 22 meeting in
Toronto. Currently live in Chicago but sometimes get to Toronto. 

If you have the time to review my quest & could forward info. it would be very

I'm looking to get parental detail on one Richard Sinclair my great
grandfather. I know he raised his family renting in Metcalfe County during the
1860-1895 time frame. This was known as Walker's Corners and the community
originally settled was Kilmartin Settlement after about 1855. An Archibald
Sinclair apparently was the first settler in 1826 and I'm trying tio verify
his history and offspring to see if my Richard was one of them. In 1871 I
believe the only Richard Sinclair in the census was living on property in
MosTowwnship within miles(concessions) of where mine spent the later known
days of his life. He died in after retiring and moving into a home purchased
in his daughters name in Glencoe about 8 miles away.

It would be informative if any of Archibald's records is shown in your
encyclopedia. Many of this area came from Parishes on the Northern part of
Kintyre in Scotand starting in 1811 up until about 1838. They seem to have
come through New York state and some held up in Caledonia NY before moving to
Alborough Townships close to Lake Erie & New Glasgow, Ontario.  These were
Col.Thomas Talbot lands which they left to get bigger "lots-(100 acres)  to

Would appreciate any clues you have Thanks!

Rick Sinclair cdnhound@aol.com