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Re: Sinclair listing what list?

--- Original Message of David & Gloria Bouschor (11:26 AM 12/26/97
>My ancestor in America is John Sinkler
>of Exeter New Hampshire.  A descendant George and Dudley Sinclair,
sons of
>Adoniram Sinclair of New Lisbon Maine, came to Minnesota.  My line is
>George who was my great grandfather.  Thanks for your efforts!


I was interested to see your post to this new Sinclair mailing list.
I am also descended from John Sinkler of Exeter so I guess that makes
us cousins of some sort or other. If you figure out the exact
relation, let me know!

I received some interesting information on John Sinkler from a Rand
Greubel of Colorado who has researched several sources on him. If you
are interested, Rand authorized me to put a brief essay on his
research at http://kingcrest.com/sinclair/johnsinkler.html-ssi. If
you get a chance to look at that and have any additional information
on John, let us know here on the list. 

Paul Sinclair