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Re: Sinclair listingy what list?

Welcome, David.

In case anyone doesn't know this already, David is president
of Clan Sinclair U.S.A.


>I,m more than happy to subscribe.  My ancestor in America is John Sinkler
>of Exeter New Hampshire.  A descendant George and Dudley Sinclair, sons of
>Adoniram Sinclair of New Lisbon Maine, came to Minnesota.  My line is
>George who was my great grandfather.  Thanks for your efforts!
>			Yours Aye,
>				David Sinclair Bouschor
>				124 No 24th Ave. East
>----------				Duluth, MN 55812
>				FX  218-724-7761
>				E-Mail  Haggis@skypoint.com