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Re: New Hampshire Highland Games

Hi Steve,
	Glad to find your E-mail.  We look forward to being at Loon Mountain. My
wife and I have been before and it's a great production.  Can you tell me
who to get in touch with to put in a program ad?  Also I anticipate trhat
our Chief will be present with his son.  I have written him asking for
confirmation.  I dont have a phone number and they wont give them out in
the UK.  I'll be in contact with you soon after the New Year.  Thanks for
your work on the Games.  Happy Holidays!
			Yours Aye,
				David Sinclair Bouschor
----------				President of CLAN SINCLAIR, USA
				124 North 24th Ave. East
				Duluth, MN 55812
				Phone & Fax 218-724-7761
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> The appended message came in just before I set up the current version
> of the list, and is a good example of the kind of message the list should
> good for.  David or Pete would be much more appropriate than me to answer
> I have added the link he suggested; Paul may want to do that, as well.
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> Hi,
>      Merry Christmas and Happy Hogmonay.  Since you are the Hounored 
> Clan at the 1998 Games and you are having your annual General Meeting 
> there, I thought it would be a good idea to link.
>      Our URL is - http://newww.com/org/nhhg.  We will be updating in 
> early January.
> Slainte,
> Steve Avery
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