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Re: public Sinclair mailing list


>I'll get a form set up on my site for the subscribe/unsubscribe/etc.
>functions. I'll let you know where it is if you want to take a look
>at it.

Yes, please.

> You could also link to that form from the mids.org/sinclair


mids.org is not the same machine.  That's the whole point of having
the www in the front of the web server domain name.

>site if you want to do that instead of configuring a separate form
>for that site.

I may do that.

> I'll also configure my Guest Book to mail entries to the list.

OK, unless anybody has objections.

>Looked quickly at the welcome file. Could you perhaps change the URL
>for my site to http://kingcrest.com/sinclair?

Ok, changed both there and in http://www.mids.org/sinclair/michigan.html

>Nice work and thanks for getting this going - glad I was online when
>your first mail came in to announce it. A flurry of mail activity to
>preface a hopefully short period of low traffic on the list! I'll put
>together something on it to go out to the list of email names I have
>and get it out shortly. Even though you asked not to be on that list,
>I'll send you a copy of this edition so you can see the announcement.

Thanks.  Looking forward to it.