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Re: public Sinclair mailing list


I'll get a form set up on my site for the subscribe/unsubscribe/etc.
functions. I'll let you know where it is if you want to take a look
at it. You could also link to that form from the mids.org/sinclair
site if you want to do that instead of configuring a separate form
for that site. I'll also configure my Guest Book to mail entries to
the list.

Looked quickly at the welcome file. Could you perhaps change the URL
for my site to http://kingcrest.com/sinclair? The URL you have listed
works - both URLs wind up at my IP address - but I prefer the
kingcrest.com address now that I have set up that domain (it was
getting to be a pain having to spell out that "1" in "pas1" is a
number, not a letter).

Nice work and thanks for getting this going - glad I was online when
your first mail came in to announce it. A flurry of mail activity to
preface a hopefully short period of low traffic on the list! I'll put
together something on it to go out to the list of email names I have
and get it out shortly. Even though you asked not to be on that list,
I'll send you a copy of this edition so you can see the announcement.

Best regards,

--- Original Message of John S. Quarterman (01:04 PM 12/18/97 -0600)---
>>Great to hear you have got things set up for a new Sinclair mailing
>>list! If you could maybe send me a copy of the welcome file and/or
>Already done, in a separate message.
>>I will put information on subscribing to the list on my web
>>site, including a copy of the welcome and help files.
>Good idea.