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Re: public Sinclair mailing list


>Great to hear you have got things set up for a new Sinclair mailing
>list! If you could maybe send me a copy of the welcome file and/or

Already done, in a separate message.

>I will put information on subscribing to the list on my web
>site, including a copy of the welcome and help files.

Good idea.

> I can also set
>up a form that visitors can use to subscribe, unsubscribe, get help
>file, etc., if you authorize me to do that.

Sure, please do.  As I may have mentioned before, the more you do,
the better I like it.

>Let me also ask you if you think it would be appropriate if I set up
>my Guest Book to forward all entries there to the mailing list? I
>have roughly 3-4 posts a week I would guesstimate. Typically they are
>one or two paragraphs in length and include a quick description of
>family heritage and ask any questions they might have. Some are of
>the variety, "Glad to find so many Sinclairs out there" without any

Sounds like the kind of traffic the list needs.

> I have not yet had an entry that was objectionable in tone
>or language. I could put a "bad words" filter on the posts if that
>would alleviate a concern about foul language finding its way to the
>mailing list via an automated routine like that. Right now, I don't
>have that kind of a screen in the perl script that is running the
>book but it is simple enough to implement.

I haven't observed that sort of thing to be much of a problem
in genealogical lists.

>I could easily configure the Guest Book so that entries would be
>forwarded to the list with some type of notice at the top to reflect
>that it is coming from a non-subscriber to the list, or whatever type
>of notice might be appropriate. I would have to set up an account in
>your list configuration such as "Guest Book" or something of that
>nature that would show up as the "From:" header so as to be accepted
>by the majordomo. I would also need to advise people signing the
>Guest Book that entries are being directed to a mailing list so they
>would be aware of that.

That would work.

The other way would be to put the web forms for the list next to your
guest book forms.  Whichever way turns out to work the best.

>Great work - glad you have got things going! It will be interesting
>to see how it develops.

You're welcome.  Yes, we'll see what happens.

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