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Book, by Gordon Holmes

From: Gordon Vaughan <>
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 21:30:22 -0800

Hello Cousins,

Here are 2 pictures. I think they go well with ones I posted of Tommy Sinclair and friends.

In Kinship, Gordon

Sinclair pictures
[Tommy Sinclair]
Tommy Sinclair
[Cuthburt Sinclair and the Lads]
Cuthburt Sinclair and the Lads
[Trading Post]
Trading Post
[Tommy Sinclair's handwriting]
Tommy Sinclair's handwriting
William and Nahovway
[Sinclair Farm, Orkney]
Sinclair Farm, Orkney
[Nahovway, William's Wife]
Nahovway, William's Wife
William the Elder
[William the Elder's Grave]
's Grave
[List of William the Elder's Children]
List of 's Children

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