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Banner: An engrailed cross, black on white

Graphics: John Sinclair Quarterman
Sinclair Banner

The Chiefs Pennant

``Also this book shows a standard (banner) for each clan. I have never seen these before. Ours is blue/grey, gold, red, and white. The left 1/5 contains a white "X" on the blue/grey. The next 4 parts have a Rooster, unicorn, muzzled bear upon a crown, and merimaid combing her hair and looking into a mirror (wierd!). These 4 fields are separated with diagonal stripes containing or Clan motto: " Commit thy works unto God" Anyone have an explanation for all of this?''
``According to Scotland, A Concise History by Fitzroy Maclean, The "X" is St. Andrew's cross. Unicorns were the animal of choice on the Scotland herald until the union with England when one of the unicorns was replaced by a lion.'' --Johnnye

``This banner you speak of is the Chiefs Pennant. It is only flown where the Chief or his representative is present. I have never been able to get an explanation of it, not even from the Chief. I imagine the Lord Lyon would help.'' Kindest regards, David <>

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Any Sinclair Clan organization is welcome to use these images. Or you can generate your own from the original PostScript. — John Sinclair Quarterman (jsq)
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