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Re: list rules

> I have mentioned before and will again suggest that it is a simple process to
> use the delete button if list subject or debate is objectionable or not of
> interest.  Using the subject line helps with the deleting of discussion
> strings as desired by the recipient.  I have found this to be very useful.
> We must remember that we are a diverse clan of many cultures, political and
> religious affiliations and our interests are diverse. We may not always agree
> or endorse others; we may not be interested in politics or genealogy.  DELETE
> it works great.  
> Marilyn K. Eddy Siperek
> Great Valley, NY

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]


I used to think that way myself, but have changed my mind. The problem is
that if you let some folks air their political opinions, someone with a
different persuasion will get irritated what they view as the politicization
of the list. Invariably they respond, and since both parties usually want
the "last word", we're off to the races again.  We are a fractious clan, and
love to argue. Personally I don't mind such things, but historically it's
pretty clear that many list members do.

Just my 2 cents...

Joe Erkes
Menands, NY

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