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Thanks from another Guest

Dear Gary M., John Q, Rory:
Thank you, for all your efforts and friendship!

I like Glen who has stated below have enjoyed these discussions for the past
few years.  Once I was busy with postings, buying books & video tapes, and
meeting new people who share the same interests.  I would only add Knights
Templar, Rosslyn Chapel, and the Lodge in Kirkwall to see the Scroll to
Glen's list below.  Reading about Scotland's treasures has enhanced my
desire to visit Scotland one day.  I hope sooner than later if circumstances
ever permit!

Very Best Regards from Michigan@USA,
Jerry Gibbons


Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 18:45:27 EST
From: CookSLC@aol.com
Subject: Thanks from a Guest


I've valued many of the discussions which, through your effort, have been
available.  Though not a Sinclair, I've had the opportunity to hear of the
islands where my holding is located, discuss Scottish matters generally,
engage in esoteric discussions with emphasis on the Sinclairs and
Freemasonry, and develop friendships.  Lists such as these are boon given us
by the Internet and those individuals, such as yourself, who labour in the
electronic vineyard.

Yours aye,

Captain G.A. Cook of Kingerly

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