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what about the web pages?

Some of you have asked what will happen to the web pages at

I deliberately didn't mention them when I wrote about the list the other
day, because the web pages are a separable issue.

Anticipating a question, let me say that currently they take up 225 Mbytes.
Other than space, their main requirement is a reasonably fast Internet
connection, so that retrieving pictures won't take forever.

Now, what is to become of them?

I had hoped that within a few years after I started the list that the
various clan organizations would be handling web pages, and that the
web pages I started would become static.  For a while, with Laurel's
energy, it seemed as if that was going to happen.  But some problems
cropped up, and now she's gone.

Meanwhile, part of what I hoped did happen.  Several clan organizations
fled my nest or made their own.  There are Ward and Bud Ginn stateside,
the Canadian pages, the Trust in Britain, and Australia, and New Zealand,
and Mel's S.C. pages, and....  There are plenty of places to add new web
pages.  There's no real need for mine to do anything more than point to the
other pages.

I would like for the list archives, subscription pages, etc., to move
wherever the list moves.

After that, I'm not going to be spending much time updating Sinclair
web pages.  There are plenty of other people who can do it as well
or better than I can.

Will the current sinclair.quarterman.org web pages stay available?

For the moment.  And they have my name on them in so many places
that it's not simply a matter of copying them somewhere else.
I would suggest other people start mining them for ideas for
their own web pages.  Do please cite sources and dates.

If you have corrections for mine, you can send them.  Just be
aware that if it takes much time, I'm more likely to remove
any given page that needs correcting than to do much work on it.

What about Sinclair Dates?

I'll probably leave that running for daily postings to wherever the
list is.  There are several versions of those dates going to several
different lists, so there's minimal effort involved.

As for updates to the Sinclair material posted in those Dates,
that would be a history project that somebody else could take on.

Are you trying to tell us something?

You can probably see a theme here, which is consistent with what I
said about the list: five years is enough.  Time for others to take
a turn.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>
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