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Re: specs


>I'm not saying I'm prepared to take over this list, but
>I would like to discuss the size requirements, etc
>needed to maintain it. Also, server environment.

It's true I didn't say anything about resources needed.
This is because it's a pretty small list, so almost any
list server should be able to support it.

Here are some current numbers:
 List archives: 150 Mbytes.
 Digest archive: 28 Mbytes.
 List members: 184
  on the per-message list: 138
  on the digest: 49
 (Yes, several of us are on both list and digest.)

You've all seen the daily list volume, which runs anywhere from 1 message
per day to around 40.

Most modern list software can handle both per-message and digest formats.

Most modern list hosting servers have search features.

Some people seem to be assuming that the list will die.
There is no reason it has to die: the technology is readily available,
and there are people with the relevant experience on the list.

>My company currently uses an outsourced server
>and one in-house. I have a tech guy that would love
>to help, and certainly could make the transfer possible.
>I'd rather see this list reside on a dedicated server.
>Seeing ads on each page viewed is annoying.

Personally, I never noticed the ads on the genealogy list
until somebody pointed them out.

So far we seem to have three volunteers.
I'm sure the list members can sort out which one will take the next turn.


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