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Sinclair Crests

When I was crafting a crest for Sir Adam Sinclair, some years ago, I checked
Fairbairn's Crests for inspitation, since that's considered to be the
definitive authority on crests.  In addition to the rooster, which is the
most widely used, I found that some branches of the Sinclairs had used a
phoenix rising from the ashes (which is the crest that I gave to Sir Adam)
and another one involving stars and (I think) a Jerusalem cross.  The latter
was also tempting, because of its possible esoteric associations, but I
chose the phoenix because of its symbolism connected with immortality--which
seemed an apt association for a Sinclair like Adam.  So you see, the
selection of crests, even today, does usually have a reason behind it,
besides any aesthetic considerations.

Just a few musings of a lovely, sunny New Year's Day just south of Dublin,
from Katherine Kurtz

May you all have a happy, healthy, peaceful, and prosperous 2003

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