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Re: The Rooster on the Clan Sinclair Crest

I am one of those who will keep looking for whatever is out there to find. I 
have been working on my husband's family history for over 10 years-not his 
Dvorak background because Dvorak appears to be the Czeck equivalent of Smith 
and Jones. I can locate his Dvorak great grandfather coming into port in 
Galveston Texas around the turn of the century and it doesn't matter anyway 
because his grandfather told me that isnt their real name.  His hispanic side 
of the family is another matter- his grandmother is 94 or 95, knows 200 yrs 
of the family history all backed up by census, birth, marriage and death 
records. Now if I could get so lucky with this Dupuy/St Clair bunch---
constantly I am trying to think around this- looked at some old maps the 
other day and have learned much just over the wkend about the areas in 
Scotland and France. 
Now I am curious about all the St Clair locations in France and particularly 
in the ones in Champagne back then that may not even be on newer maps. I know 
people didnt mind going long distances back then to procure a spouse-but I am 
thinking (1) local (2) still maybe also Scottish. Where are the church 
records on Champagne Dupuys and St Clairs-what old church were all the well 
known people in Champagne in that time married in?
I am curious in general about the old Sinclair papermill as I mentioned and 
curious too about what watermarks they used as well as whether or not the 
gypsies who stopped at Rosslyn were involved in moving documents 'cross 
country for payment.  Those of you who are Templar researchers-what did the 
Templars have to do with these people, who they most surely would have run 
into?   -Gay Dvorak
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