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In 1033, the Emperor Conrad conquered at the head of his Army, the baronies
of Arles and Beurgogne in France.  Raphael Dupuy (In Latin Podio) was made
"grand Chambellan de L'empire"

Seigneur de Poreins, d'Apifer, and de Rochefort.  He went to the Crusaders,
with three of his children and his wife in 1096.
He founded the Abby d'Aiguebella, Order of the St. Bernard, was one of the
"Generals of Godefroi de Bouillon", and for his bravery was the
"Souverainetel le ville d'Arcea". Ancient writers call him "Hughes de
"tres excellant Guerrier"

His third son was "Raymond Dupuy: the Second Rector, or Grandmaster of the
order of Chevalier de L'ordre de St. Jean de Jerusalem (Knight of the Order
of St. John of Jerusalem.)".

I know of no Knights Templar in this line. "The tomb of Raphael Dupuy,
brother of one Hughes  and father of another Hughes, founder of this line,
was ordered opened in 1610 by M. LeComte De LaRoche.  The corpse was found
extended upon a marble table; his spurs upon one side, his sword upon the
other, and upon his head a helmet of lead containing the following
inscription upon a copper plate, "Raphael dePoido, General de La Chavalerie
Romaine, et Grand Chambellan de L'Empire Romaine" "

Do not think you will ever find the marriage register containing the record
of "Catherine (Catharine/Katherine) St Clair (Sinclair)," she appears to be
an invention of the ever unreliable Hay.

Tim Wallace-Murphy wrote on Wed, 12 Jun 2002 12:00:41 +0100 1129 "No
eveidence exist for this mariage of Catherine St Clair and Hugh de Payen See
my earlier posting in this respect."

on Sat, 29 Sep 2001 07:20:56 +0100 John Duguid wrote "
With regards ton the discussion around the marraige of Hugh de Payen and
Catherine St Clair. Am I correct in stating that the book by Father
Augustine Hay is the origin of the claim the Hugh and Catherine were
married.Much of the work by Father Hay has been taken at face value by
authors in recent times and Hay's claims repeated without any cross checking
. I think I am also correct in stating that Father Hays work comes with a
health warning from its editor to the effect that the early genealogical
claims in his book are by and large unfounded. When called upon to furnish
proof, Father Hay's sources could not be produced.".

on Fri, 7 Jun 2002 14:58:39 +0100
Tim Wallace-Murphy who is well versed in matters of the Knights Templar
wrote; "Hugh de Payen, having taken vows of celibacy and poverty before the
Patriarch of Jerusalem, then uses the same clerical gentleman's good offices
to marry a rich heiress - quite a neat way to get around the rules and vows
he had just

Was he a graduate of Sandhurst I wonder? Learning there, as all good
officers and gentlemen do, that 'Rules are made for the guidance of the wise
and the strict observance of fools and idiots'.

Frankly while, in my days of innocence and apprentiship, I once believed
that Catherine and Hugh were married. Deeper investigation sowed the seeds
of doubt and disbelief. Not one shred of evidence has ever been found that
supports of this claim. No authentic historical document records it or
attests to its
validity. The fevered imagination of Henry Lincoln is the only 'original'
source I can find.  That alone gives serious grounds for doubt.

However, the idea that a devout Christian Knight who has just taken a vow of
celibacy would then promptly break it in one of the most sacred palces in
the Holy Land, simply beggars belief.

If this famous couple were actually married - which I very much doubt - it
would have been long before Hugh took his vows. In order to then take such
vows, a married man would have had to obtain a dispensation from Pope or
Bishop. Needless to say no evidence of such a dispensation exists."


Ref  The Huguenot Bartholomew DuPuy"  Rev. B. H. Dupuy  Beverly, West
Virginia.  1908
The Pedigree of Bartholomew Dupuy was compiled by Mr. Henry W. Teetor, M.A.
Genealogist  of New York in 1906
John S. Quarterman's Sinclair Archive

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