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New Year's Eve and New Years Celebrations


                I have been enjoying reading about New Year's celebrations in 
different parts of the world.  My mother's maiden name is Sinclair.  She is 
81 years old.  She recently told me that on New Year's Day her mother cooked 
a plum pudding because her father told her mother that people in Scotland did 
so.  Before her mother cooked it, she hid some objects inside.  One was a 
small gold ring.  One was a small coin.  There were other objects as well, 
but my mother does not remember what they were.
                When the plum pudding was eaten, the person who found the 
ring was supposed to be married in the new year and the person who found the 
coin was supposed to gain wealth in the new year.  My mother and I were 
wondering if anyone knows what the other items might have been that her 
mother put in the plum pudding for people to find?  Do people in Scotland 
still practice this custom today?
                Thank you very much for your kind assistance in this matter.


Susan M. Grady
Alexandria, Virginia

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