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Re: Fwd: RE: a Very Live horse

I am so glad Sarah is still with you...I talked to my only daughter 
Rossana on Christmas Eve, and without her, I would be ...words fail 
me...God bless you all!  Love, Gordon Vaughan

Jean Stokes wrote:

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>To all on the list,
>Thank you Neil for putting the issue in a nutshell. We all tend to hit that 
>"send" key a little too quickly at times.
>Keep up the good work, please JSQ.
>Happy New Year to you all.
>We have our reason to celebrate this year. Our youngest daughter Sarah has 
>survived the surgical removal of an AterioVenal Malformation in the Frontal 
>lobe. We could have lost her, but after the surgery on Christmas eve she is 

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