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Two thoughts

For Sinclair in Wanado

"Our memories are our private treasures. A memory is what is left when
something happens and does not completely unhappen this year the path of
memory has been strewn by my many missteps and mistakes. I have been
rash and foolish. I have rushed too many fences, but a life of
honourable mistakes is far better than a life of doing nothing."

"One moment of glorious strife, is better than an age without a name."
So it is better to try to communicate than to say nothing, especially
within our own family.  If we cannot say was is, as we perceive it,
important, to clarify, to inform, to define on any subject whether it is
about a Sinclair person or as we the Sinclair family maybe need to
hear/see. What do we discuss - the next Scottish Games and "I'll see you
there" ? Is that sort of conversation the only type of information that
may be imparted here?  There is more to a discussion site than simple
'bon ami'.  Maybe there are lurkers and  regular posters who do not want
to see the world at large, and maybe do not see themselves as
participating members of a family (Sinclair) and an even larger family -
thinking human beings. Have I ruffled some feathers?
The world wide web is full of places to search family history -
anecdote, essays on every conceivable subject, instead of trolling what
you see in the Sinclair Discussion Site - be a participant.  Read up and
report and start a discussion.  The long discussion on war in
Afghanistan and prisoners and Geneva Conventions led me to reading and
posting what I found.  There was much anger as I remember on the subject
area - it had not to do with a Sinclair, but I'll bet among the soldiery
that took part there may very well have been someone named Sinclair in
its many spellings who took part.  You better believe, if Mr. President
has his way - the next war in Iraq will have someone(s) who are either
Sinclair or Sinclair in their heritage.  "No man is an island.." wrote
John Donne and we aren't either.

 And another subject: "Stirling Bridge Referendum of 2061"  A fantasy
subject - but the ending was particularly to the point.  If we have
everything and live in absolute comfort, understand exactly that we will
live within the bounds of a "theme park" we too would be looking for
something that gave us something real - a little risk, something to
excite our humdrum lives.
Happy Christmas and an exciting New Year!  Sally

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