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an entreaty

For the last two months, I've been working like a dog
on putting together information that, within the next month,
I hoped to post to the Sinclair site.

Working like a dog because I can see, from reading the
excellent posts to the site, that there is a high standard
of excellence in the information that gets posted. I say
the information, not always the opinion, but I enjoy those
posts too. And so, to hold myself to the same standards, I've
researched and re-researched the information I'm finding
on the Covenanters, sent my researcher back numerous
times, spend a ton of money, and endured months of
anticipation waiting for more clues.

I would be crushed if there was no forum for sharing
such information with my cousins....and receiving the
enormous benefit of their research.

I've been away for a week at a funeral in Virginia of my
beloved grandmother, and have not yet had time to follow
the course of how this crisis on the site got started,
but I implore you, John, to continue the site.
It's grown bigger and more important than
any one of us alone.


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