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Christmas-Kilts-Dead Horse

Merry Christmas, cousins.  We have just returned from yet another Christmas
party with good friendship and brotherhood in great supply.  I wish you all
the best Christmas season (or whatever you might celebrate this time of the
year) and a most prosperous and successful New Year!  Regardless of our
station or situation in life, we most likely have a lot to be thankful for.

I've taken the opportunity to wear the kilt at all such parties and it has
been well received.  Of course, my wife, Lynne continues to remind me of how
I should sit .... Saturday evening we are invited to a cocktail party of
about 140 invitees.  This will also be the prelude to a "big fat Greek
wedding" as my son is marrying into the Greek family in June 2003.  He may
advise that I wear those dreadful trousers ..... then again, I may boycott
the party if the kilt be out of favor!!  Hear, hear!

Cousins, I'm getting excited .... I just sent off the registration for the
Loch Norman Games, near Charlotte, NC, USA.  Hope to see many of you there
(April 2003).  I faintly hear a calling of the clan!  "Clan Sinclair is

OK, the purpose of this rambling little e-mail is to truly wish you all a
Merry Christmas and a great 2003 ... but it is also to invite the clan to
lighten up and make merry.  Yes we can argue, fuss, and fight .... but we
can also laugh and love .... the latter makes more sense to me, IMHO.  Live
on John Q's list .... live on!

Mel Sinclair of South Carolina

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