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Re: Referendum

jsq --

The decision concerning the fate of the list is yours and yours alone to
make.  None of us who use or refer to the list should presume to advise you
on your business.  That said, in my opinion you have poured your time, your
talent and I suspect substantial assets into making the list what it is,
and the quality clearly shows.  Whatever you decide to do in the future
cannot diminish what you have accomplished in the past.

The loss from the list of Niven and his U.K. colleagues, for whatever
reason, was grievous and regrettable.  The prospect of losing Sinclair and
others who contribute so significantly to the content of the list is too
unpleasant to contemplate.

 In the past, there has been venom, and pettiness, and irrationality,
manifested on the list.  Despite the platitudes now voiced, those qualities
eventually will return.  It is human nature.  The cycle repeats itself.  If
tolerance and civility cannot govern the postings here, then the
individual's solution is the delete key, the killfile and the occasional
vacation from the list.  In the years I have monitored and archived this
list (from the mid-90s) I have used each of the three, the selection
depending upon the outrageousness of the tempest at the time.  Placing that
responsibility upon the individual reader is probably more attractive to
you than evolving this list into a moderated forum.

Do as you will, but please first consider all you have achieved with this
list.  The Family, and the web, would be much poorer without your presence.


Russell Sinclair Grove

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