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Re: the vote.

John and others,
I am not sure what started it all but I understand from the looks of what everyone is talking about.  Please continue to do this Sinclair list...I have learned soo much from this list and I enjoy listening on to what everyone is saying from all around the world.  Even though, some have said some ugly harsh thing but I chose to ignore it because it is so small minded.  I chose to forgive whoever that is and move on...and so should you.   I want to continue being on this list in hopes that one day one of my "lost" close Sinclair kin might walk through in this door or whoever else might pop in here might have valuable information that could be so valuable to me.    Being involved on this discussion list is very valuable knowledge to us all.   Keep up the great work, John.  I really appreciate your effort what you have done for us.  
Yours Aye,
Kozy Tennant, Lexington, South Carolina

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