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Re: Referendum

Well stated John.

Although I am usually a quiet listener, I have gained a real education from
most of the members of the list. I hope that my new found knowledge will allow
me to take a more active part in future discussions as I am now retired and
can devote the time to discovering my heritage, but that does not preclude me
from having an opinion on this matter.

My vote is for you to continue to operate the list under its original rules.
Over the years, I have seen you expel members for ad  hominem attacks without
a second thought, and without warning. I believe that to be a fair policy as
it is quite clearly laid out in the membership information and the list is
better for it. My only question is why the change of heart?

Simply clean out those who break the spirit of the discussion  and resort to
personal attacks. As you point out, they can easily find a place to vent on
Yahoo and let our civil discussions and reasoned argument continue here as
they should.


Donald Sinclair

"John S. Quarterman" wrote:

> Thank you, Donald, for trying to bring sanity back.
> The list belongs to its members.
> However, we have one camp, led by Niven and including almost the entire
> British former membership, which has decamped, refusing to answer questions
> about its assertions on a range of topics, even though many of us,
> including Laurel and me, once assumed that they had such answers.
> We have Philippe, who has tried for years to get discussion going,
> often indeed in a deliberately acerbic manner trying to get people
> to respond, and gets himself shot at instead of his arguments.

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