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Dead Horse

Ok, this is the dead horse, stop beating me. I have been tuning in here for 
several years now. It seems to me that our cousin in France is in the middle 
of each and every verbal bait and confrontation. I myself admitt to having a 
few hot buttons too, like Reagan bashing, or someone burning the American 
flag. If we want to share what some of you call "lies" and "myths" bite your 
tounge, at least once. I know I've been biting mine lately. And now we have 
Ellen, who thinks the discussion list belongs to Philippe? It used to belong 
to JSQ and the family. I have for the most part enjoyed the list and have met 
several of you both in person and electronically. Many of the old timers on 
the list now remain silent because of such discussion. Some of you are 
posting the names and snail mail addresses of people you disagree with on 
this site. That's just TACKY. We are poorer because of it. Can't we please 
play nice? Gee I hope I haven't mispelled something that will be the start of 
another fiasco.

Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis

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