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Re: : the Duchess of Windsor


You did not misspell "Wallace."  Your using it was like your addressing me as 
Grady." Good researchers pay attention to detail, describe their findings 
with precision, and carefully note their sources.

You wrote a year ago that Wally Simpson "has Sinclair connections," leading 
most clansmen to believe she was blood related to Sinclairs.  You did not 
write, for example,  that her husband had "Sinclair connections."  Now you 
quibble that it was not "a Sinclair connection" but a "Harden connection."  
Even my sixth graders would have known the difference between "a Sinclair 
connection" and a "connection to Sinclairs."

Your persisting in arguing about this is reminiscent of several weeks ago 
when you persisted in arguing about what "surround" means. When you wrote 
that French King Louis XIV "surrounded" himself with cabinet ministers, you 
had your hand called on that with a historical source.  The King may have met 
apart with his ministers but he "surrounded" himself with the higher French 
nobility to keep an eye on them.

Now, here is your blowing off the source of your claim of Wally's "Sinclair 
family connections" (not your original phrase) by airily saying "both 
genealogies are readily available."

The real question is that if you knew "the connection" and the genealogy from 
the beginning, why did you try to set me up and bait me?

Susan Sinclair Grady

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