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the Duchess of Windsor

Dear Mr Bouschor

Your comments on British revisionist history are spot on they apply to
almost every nations professional or in our case armature history writers.
Look only at the various Clan sites, not only Sinclair but others and they
place that Clan at the very centre of not only the history of Scotland but
of the entire Christian world. Historical document are amended, distorted or
misread to prove that what ever slim records exist display the so-called
facts that we want them to. Armatures and professionals reference people and
refer to documents that we know have no basis in reality to prove our own or
disprove others and then call our conclusions beyond the shadow of any
doubt.  We ridicule character  assassinate whisper and gossip about others
for committing the historical dishonesty we ourselves are guilty of. We then
publish in internet or print articles to let other reference our
mis-statements and tar and feather those who would dare raise a question.
Debate and discussion should be not to tear each other apart but to try to
find the fact and interpret them correctly. We seem to lose this point in
petty squabbles that draw us into armed camps.

The Americans initiated an intelligence operation because they suspected the
duke and duchess of Windsor were being used by the Nazis to obtain secrets,
which could jeopardise the allies' war effort.

A Member of Parliament Louise Ellman, Liverpool, Riverside, tabled a Commons
questions to the Lord Chancellor's department following allegations in The
Guardian newspaper in 2001.The Guardian newspaper claimed it has seen 227
pages of FBI intelligence reports and interviews with informants.

The revelations suggest President Roosevelt ordered the FBI to carry out
covert surveillance on the exiled former king and his wife the Duchess of
Windsor, while they were holidaying in Florida in 1941.

Intelligence suggested the duchess was passing secrets to a leading Nazi,
with whom she was thought to have had an affair with the Nazis' foreign
minister Joachim von Ribbentrop when he was ambassador to Britain in 1936.
Ribbentrop was already thought to have been supplied with information by the
duchess during the German invasion of France in 1940.

The Guardian says the FBI documents advocate America supposed the king's
decision was due to the duchess being a Nazi supporter and this was totally
unacceptable to Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin.
Scott Thompson  in 'The American Almanac', 25 August 1997 stated

"One of the biggest public relations hoaxes ever perpetrated by the British
Crown, is that King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne in 1938, due to
his support for the Nazis, was a ``black sheep,'' an aberration in an
otherwise unblemished Windsor line. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The British monarchy, and the City of London's leading Crown bankers,
enthusiastically backed Hitler and the Nazis, bankrolled the Führer's
election, and did everything possible to build the Nazi war machine, for
Britain's planned geopolitical war between Germany and Russia."

There are a couple of problems with that statement The City of London are
not now or then the Crown's Bankers and the House of Windsor has quite a few


Ref The New Federalist Newspaper
'The American Almanac'

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