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Re: Wallace Simpson, Duchess of Windsor

>Dear Mr. John Sinclair Quarterman:
>       In one of your recent "Sinclair dates" entries you indicated that it 
>was the anniversary of the abdication of King Edward VIII of England.  That 
>is why I wrote about his wife, Wallace Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor.  On 
>your website a year or a year and one half ago someone wrote that she was a 
>Sinclair and that she was related to the family of Upton Sinclair, the famous 
>American novelist and social reformer.

Presumably you mean someone sent a message to the discussion list that is
visible in the archives on the web pages.  If so, the search feature will
help you find it and tell us the URL for it.  You can find the search
feature in the top of the navbar at the left of the front page:

>Susan M. Grady
>Alexandria, Virginia

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>
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