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Bessie Wallis Warfield.Simpson the Duchess of Windsor 1896-1986

Dear Mrs Grady

I have the genealogy of the Duchess of Windsor as follows.  Would you be kind enough to point out where the Sinclair come in and how the Duchess is related to Upton Beall Sinclair, the son of Upton Beall Sinclair Sr and Priscilla Harden.  They were both from Baltimore.

Bessie Wallis Warfield.  1896-1986
Teackle Wallis Warfield.  1861-1896  m: 1895
Alys Montague.  1869-1929
Henry Mactier Warfield.  1820-1885  m: 1850
Anna Emory.  bap. 1832-
William Latane Montague.  1824-1909  m: 1858
Sallie Howard Love. d. 1876
Daniel Warfield.  b. ca. 1783-1867 m: 1819
Nancy Mactier.
Richard Emory.  m: 1824
Anna Gittings.  1800-1882
Henry Brown Montague.  1795-1855  m: 1816
Mary Anne Moody.  d. 1882
Thomas Love.  1803-1886  m:
Frances Priscilla Presbury.  1817-1877
Bane Warfield.  d. 1827  m: 1774
Ariana Dorsey.  1755-
Alexander Mactier.  1757/8-1831  m: 1787
Frances Crane.  1761-1826
Thomas Lane Emory.  1757-1828  m:
Elizabeth Hopewell.
Archibald Gittings.  d. 1832  m: 1799
Elizabeth Bosley.
John Montague.  1755-1831  m: 1774
Rebecca Brown.
John Moody.  d. 1828
Thomas Love.  1753-1821  m: 1802
Martha Worthington.  1775-
George Gouldsmith Presbury.  1784-1863  m: 1809
Sarah Cassaway Howard.
Seth Warfield.  1723/4-1805  m:
Mary Gaither.  1724-
Henry Dorsey.  1712-1770  m: 1735
Elizabeth Worthington.
Richard Warfield.  d. 1765  m:
Marian Caldwell.
John Gaither.
Elizabeth Duvall.
John Warfield.  d. 1718  m:
Ruth Gaither.  1679-
Capt. Richard Warfield.  d. 1703  m:
Eleanor Brown.
John Gaither.
Richard Warfield.  m: 1620
Anne Slyfield.


Ref Shakespeare, Nicholas.  The Men Who Would Be King:  A Look at Royalty in Exile.  London:  Sidgwick & Jackson, 1984
Windsor, Edward, Duke of.  A King's Story.  New York:  G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1947.

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